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Your married couples' intimacy store™

Our Story


The Event

It was the Friday following Thanksgiving. We'd been shopping for gifts for our family as was our custom for 14 years to that point. We were about 4 hours into it when we somehow began discussing believers' struggles with pornography.

Angela and I are Christians. We are not just cultural Christians. I am a senior pastor and she wears many hats in ministry. We had been at our current church for 8 years at this point. As a couple who ministers to other couples and within our own marriage, we were frustrated at the rate at which aberrant sexuality was so overtly saturating our culture.

The Problem

We'd both observed that there was an abundance of resources encouraging Christians to have an exciting and fulfilling sex life. Many made specific suggestions how this might happen. However, there was an absence of sources that could supply a couple with sexual intimacy enhancements without exposing them to the allure of pornography. While we strongly believe the Spirit of God gives us strength over temptations, we also acknowledge that persisitent temptation is problematic...and unnecessary.

The Proposition

Almost simultaneously, we each exclaimed "why isn't there an adult store for Christians?" This concept wouldn't resolve the issue of Christians using porn. However, there needed to be a resource for Christians that provided a God-honoring approach to celebrating and honoring the gift of sex to marriage. 

It was clear that married Christians needed places to browse for  intimacy and romance products that respected their values.

The Project

After a period of prayerful and careful consideration, The Pure Bed was born! It is our vision that like-minded people need a safe place to shop for adult novelties, personal lubes, sex and romance games, and other products without being visually assaulted with pornographic images and nude models.

The Pure Bed

Our commitment is to continually try to build our inventory to provide variety and quality. We make every reasonable effort to ensure our products are not directly marketed by the porn industry. We buy from wholesalers who do not sell porn videos and print material. We celebrate and honor the sacredness of the marriage bed.

We are discreet when shipping. We do not believe that items purchased on our site are a source of embarassment. However, we do believe that what happens sexually between a husband and wife is deeply personal, uniquely intimate, and, therefor,  should remain private. Outer packaging has only United States Postal Service markings. We do not spam are customers nor will we ever sell their contact information to third parties.

We want to be your married couples' intimacy store! Peace and blessings to you and yours.