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God created sex to be purposeful and pleasurable in marriage. We honor His design for the marriage bed. Hebrews 13:4

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Marriage Resources

The Winning Ones: A Seven Week Inspirational for Christian Married Couples

The Winning Ones is a seven week inspirational for Christian married couples. Carnell and Angela, a pastor and his wife, share their marriage journey and scriptural inspiration through daily entries. They are humorous, poignant, and passionate as they share inspirational stories and messages with readers about the value of being one in marriage. Buy here.

Marriage Blogs

Marriage Podcasts

Great marriage podcasts from people who truly treasure marriage as God designed it.

One Extraordinary Marriage

Focus on Marriage

Love and Respect Podcast

The Mark Gungor Show

Sexy Marriage Radio

Sex in Marriage

Resources addressing sexual intimacy in the context of Godly designed marriages.

One Flesh Marriage

Hot, Holy, and Humorous

Intimacy in Marriage

The Marriage Bed

Shannon Ethridge M.A.