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Types of Sex Toys

Sex Toy Variety

Popular Kinds of Sex Toys

Vibrators: battery operated devices which shake and/or pulsate for internal and external genital stimulation. Vibrators or vibes come in various shapes and sizes.

     Specialty Vibes

  • Dual Vibe – a vibrator with an external protrusion which allows the device to provide dual stimulation, internally through penetration by its shaft AND external clitoral stimulation by the protrusion often shaped like bunny ears, a dolphin’s nose, or butterfly.
  • G-spot Vibe – a vibrator curved at the end to promote a stimulation of a woman’s g-spot (Grafenberg spot or zone), a region believed to be located about two inches from the vaginal opening between the front of the cervix and pubic bone. Stimulation of the female g-spot is believed to produce a more intense orgasm.
  • Bullet – a small vibrator so-called because its size and shape is just a bit larger than a bullet. It is used to provide direct clitoral stimulation.
  • Egg – a small vibrator so-called because its size and shape resemble a chicken’s egg.
  • Wand – a large vibrator which is usable as a general body massager but is designed and marketed to provide genital stimulation.
  • Dildo – a non-vibrating product which often (though not always) resembles a penis. Typically used for manual vaginal penetration.

Kegel exerciser – small, smooth weighted balls marketed to increase the strength of a woman’s pelvic muscles for increased sexual pleasure, and bladder control.

Cock ring – a band worn around the penis to hold blood in the penis for increased pleasure and/or prolonged erection.

Penis extension – a partially hollowed rubbery device to extend the size of a penis.

Penis sleeve or sheath – a hollowed device that covers the penis shaft to increase girth. Some have attachments to enhance a wife’s internal and/or clitoral sensations upon penetration.

Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Good sex won't make a bad marriage better. Good sex can make a good marriage stronger. You and your spouse have the right to enjoy sexual intimacy.

The products we sell help married couples spice up their sex lives. Using these products in the context of a loving marital relationship can be exciting and fulfilling.

We encourage you to discuss whether and how to use these products to achieve a shared vision for quality and variety in your marriage bed/

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