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Your married couples' intimacy store™

Looking for a FREE book about Christian marriage and sex? We offer 3!

(Scroll to the bottom of this page to download each free book about Christian marriage and sex (PDF formats).)

Sex Rules!

This book about marital intimacy has been used by pastors, marriage ministry leaders and 1000's of couples over the years.  And it's FREE!

Sex Rules! is a primer created by Pastor Carnell Borden to help Christian Married Couples discover scriptural precepts for making choices regarding sex in their marriage. Pastor Borden believes that scripture extols the virtues and vices of sex and sexuality. This ebook provides a simple road-map for Christian couples seeking guidance in this area of their marriage. Download below.

Erotic Eatery Menu

The electronic booklet is setup like a food menu...only the entries are sexually intimate activities for husbands and wives to enjoy. And it's FREE!

The menu has 5 categories: Drinks, Appetizers, Salads, Entrees, and Desserts. Some entry examples are:

(from Drinks) Flavored Smoothie Husband applies a tasty food item (chocolate, fruit wedges, whipped cream, etc.) to wife's inner thighs. He licks and sucks the inner thighs slowly and erotically, building wife's arousal. Do not touch the genitals.

(from Appetizers) Taco Salad Use a toy (egg, bullet, or vibe) on wife's clitoris while orally pleasuring her vagina.

(from Desserts) Pudding Share a heartfelt "I love you". Share 3 things you appreciate about one another.

From the wildest activity to the mildest activity, TPB's Erotic Eatery Menu will enliven your erotic senses and inpsire your own creativity. The menu comes with Guest Checks just like in restaurants...so you can take your spouse's "order"! Just print them and cut along the dotted line. Bon appetit!  Download and enjoy. 

Couples Communication Toolbox

There are conversations between couples that are often difficult to initiate.  Whether the topic is the state of the marriage, money, sex, or some other concern, sometimes we need help starting discussions.

CCT offers surveys that ask important topical questions, allows spouses to record thoughts and feelings, and provokes thought to help uncover important contributors to our perceptions, opinions and feelings.  Romance, sex, money, communication, relationship and personal evaluation are areas covered by these surveys.Agree with your spouse to complete a given survey and use the recorded responses to initiate important discussions that can enhance, improve, or repair important areas of your marriage. Download and use today! And it's FREE